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Introducing the Plufl!

The ultimate product by nappers for nappers

Inspired by the classic dog bed, the Plufl is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety by providing a space where you can rest, recharge, and rejuvenate.

Features Include: 

☁️ A Soft Thick Pillow Border


😌 A Luxurious Faux Fur Cover 

🙌 Tuck your Hands and Feet 

😴 Oval Shape Cradles you into Natural Fetal Position

Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.

Farida No Border.jpg
The Plufl Boya_edited.jpg

About Us

As avid ​nappers, we have found it difficult to locate readily accessible and suitable napping options. With Plufl we seek to elevate the nap experience by providing an irresistibly cozy and comfortable product for every kind of napper.


Handmade with love, the Plufl delivers a truly one of a kind nap experience! We are so excited for you to join our nap journey to make the world a happier and more rested place :) 

- Noah & Yuki


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Jordan Pun, Student

Hands down the best nap of my entire life!

Sue Wilkes, Mother

The coziest, comfiest and most relaxing product on the market! Highly recommend to any other nap enthusiasts out there!

Max Silverman, Professor

The Plufl has helped me to de-stress and re-energize during long busy work days! 

People love the Plufl!